Bodyguard rectangular for bracelet

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The LichtWesen Bodyguard protects and accompanies you.

  • stabilising the aura and energy system
  • enhancing attention
  • strengthening our inner power

Size: approx. 9x29 mm



This energised jewellery stabilises and strengthens, leaving you feeling empowered and liberated.

The design of the Bodyguard is a new interpretation of the common Nazar amulet used against the “evil eye” – made from exclusive materials: silver, palladium and sapphire (synthetic).

The Bodyguard carries the following energies: Archangel Michael, blue and silver Elohim Ray, Djwal Khul, moonstone, black tourmaline, milk thistle.

The Bodyguard can be worn as a chain pendant or attached to a rubber bracelet. The rubber bracelet can also be used for other LichtWesen energised jewellery: Bodyguard circular, Eye of Horus, Sun Disc, Radiant Sun). The bracelet has a clip made of silver and is available in various lengths.

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