Crystals Red

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  • increasing power and stamina, 
  • activating vital power,
  • strengthens our own presence


Focus of the Elohim crystal hearts: strength and presence

  • activating our inner strength; stamina and power, 
  • for situations where we need backbone and strength; when exhausted; for people who know they are right but do not have the confidence to assert this, 
  • the presence of “I am”

Focus of the Creation Ray crystal droplets: powers of realisation

  • using our inner strength, our powers of self-assertion, our life conviction, 
  • opens up the ability to use our inner power at the moment we need it; enhances stamina and discipline; for people who want to implement projects and visions, 
  • assuming responsibility for our actions and non-actions

Crystals and energy spheres

  • Wear on the body,
  • in a shirt pocket or trouser pocket (a customer gave the hint to pull a string through the hole in the crystal, attach it to the belt loop, and put it in the trouser pocket),
  • or as jewellery
  • Elohim: Herz aus Kristallglas, ca. 35 x 40 mm, ca. 20 g
  • Schöpfungsstrahl: Tropfen aus Kristallglas, ca. 25 x 40 mm, ca. 12 g
Unsere Kristalle unterliegen herstellungsbedingt und je nach Lichtverhältnissen Farbschwankungen. Die Darstellungen können daher farblich abweichen und sind nicht verbindlich.
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