Archangels and Earthangels

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  • An introduction to the world of angels and descriptions of the Archangels,
  • with meditations to make contact with each angel
  • Bestseller
  • written by Petra Schneider and Gerhard K. Pieroth
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A clear and comprehensible introduction to the world of angels. This book builds a bridge to the energies of the Archangels. It conveys clearly structured knowledge and methods to help us come into contact with the angels more easily. Additionally, the book also contains one meditation for each Archangel and describes the LichtWesen Archangel and Integration essences.

A fundamental work on the powers of the angels. Also as an abridged audio book Living with Archangels.

paperback, 205 pages, Windpferd Publishers, 10. edition (2001), ISBN 987-3-89385-330-8

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