The Light of the Elohim Angels

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recharge with health, transformation and power - encounter the power of the Elohim

Guided meditations from and with Dr. Petra Schneider. with touching music by Merlins Magic

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With her gentle, caring voice and accompanied by music from Merlin’s Magic, Petra Schneider guides us into the Temple of the Elohim. Here we find a space of encounter. In this space you can be assured that whatever happens will be exactly what you currently need. Your energy system will be cleansed, your thoughts will calm down, and your inner wisdom will be activated.

One short meditation also allows you to make contact with the Elohim power in situations where you do not have much time.

Guided meditations from and with Dr. Petra Schneider with touching music by Merlins Magic


Short meditation
1. Das LIcht der Elohim [The Light of the Elohim Angels] (17:25)
Temple of the Elohim
2. Attunement
(8:51)3. Cleansing (10:46)
4. Space of the Elohim (20:09)
5. Return (3:27)
Total length: 60:38

Windpferd Publishers Audio, ISBN: 978-3-89385-619-0

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