Zirconia combination jewellery

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The energised zirconia of LichtWesen are as varied as their colours:

- Each colour carries a special energy

- They can be combined with each other as desired

Here you can find all zirconias and the respective themes at a glance. Almost all of them are available as oval zirconia and as elongated navettes; an overview of the themes is shown below.


Zirconia jewellery by LichtWesen is a powerful companion for everyday life. Each colour stands for a theme, a principle of life. All zirconias can be combined and joined together. You can see how to do this in our Video.

The themes of zirconia by colour:

Blue - I am calm and stable, calm and concentrated

Serenity, inner peace, being centred, building structures, stability

Yellow - Giving a smile to life

logical, awake, understanding; promote joy, liveliness, zest for life, optimism, learning ability and willingness to learn

Pink - a gentle embrace that gives hope

Security, attentiveness, tolerance, relaxed, comforting, unconditional love

White - being free (liberated), inner glow,

brightens and invigorates, clarification, clarity, liberation, clarity, alertness,

Green - Renew and regenerate over and over again,

Regeneration, integrate healing impulses, growth and development, balance, harmonising, balancing, invigorating

Red - The fire within you, invigorating power

Energy, drive, endurance, vitality, implementation power, dynamic power, invigorating,

stimulating, strengthening, warming. awakens inner strength, makes dynamic and vital

Purple - building on past experience

Transformation, liberation,

Turquoise - playfully opening doors to inner knowledge

to new possibilities, being creative and flexible (agile), creativity, the principle of flow, flexibility

Magenta - protected and connected with the inner wisdom

Harmony, expand your consciousness, remember what you need now

Gold - Let yourself sparkle

Colour of wealth but also of the divine, wisdom and truth, creative power, the male principle, self-determination, the active principle - splendour

Silver - Patience and wisdom, the wisdom of feeling,

Inner knowledge leads, intuition, patience, recognising the right moment, strengthening the female principle, protection, emotional wisdom

Crystalline - the diversity within you,

Connecting structures, integration, a new whole

To attach the zirconia to a necklace you need a hanger. We have three to choose from: The hanger Multi, the small angel hanger and the large angel hanger. We also have earrings and ear studs if you want to wear the zirconia as ear jewellery.

The zirconias are available in navette shape (tapered at the top and bottom) and in oval shape. The energies BodyBalancer and Stability are only available in navette form.


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