Sparkling Joy

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  • Moments of joy, sparkling and lightness
  • When you wish light, warmth and a little shine. Supports in the dark moments and months. Enhances moments of joy.
  • Strengthens a positive attitude towards life

Scented spray with LinAloe, 30 ml (= 1 fl oz.)

€99.67 / 100 ml
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This energy spray brings a little bit of glamour into life: It does not have to be the big celebration, but especially in the dark season or in times when we should have little contact, we wish for "magic moments". A feeling as if a good fairy would scatter a sprinkling of gold dust.

Energies: Gabriel, Chamuel, Earth, Pallas Athena, Elohim crystalline and turquoise

Aroma spray

Spray several times a day, ideally for at least three weeks 

  • on parts of the body (for instance, on the pulse of the wrist, on the cervical spine area or on places with ailments (does not have to be directly on the skin),
  • into your aura or energy centres.
  • Also suitable as an addition to bathwater, to massage oils or to cosmetics such as shower gel and body lotion.

Elohim kristallin und türkis, Gabriel, Chamuel, Erde, Pallas Athene



Aqua (Wasser), Ethanol (Weingeist), Aroma (natürliches ätherisches Linaloe-Öl), 30 ml (= 1 fl oz)


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