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Activating the powers of self-healing with the energies of trees, crystals, the inner healer and the angels.

Guided meditation with music (in german only)

Written and spoken by: Dr. Petra Schneider

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Every living being has the power of self-healing. For some people, their own healing power is so strong they almost never get ill – or they recover unusually quickly. However, other people’s inner power seems to be blocked. This guided meditation resolves energetic blockages and harmonises our self-healing powers.

Guided meditation with music (in german only)


1. Attunement (10:34)
2. Space of the trees (14:27)
3. Crystal space (14:48)
4. Encountering inner healers (14:01)
5. Angels of healing (11:44)
6. Closing (6:22)
Total length: 72:00

You can listen to the CD as whole. Since each track is independent, you can select one track to listen to, or combine one track with the Attunement and Closing tracks.

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