Crystal - I am in my realm

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  • Making the place where you want to be active, both professionally and privately, your own space; energetic cleansing
  • To create an atmosphere for concentrated work; to make what you want to do easier; to be completely absorbed in a task. Also suitable for children who are easily distracted and often have to adapt to new classrooms and teachers.
  • Be present and in flow
    approx. 40 mm
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Our working world is changing: desk sharing, co-working spaces and mobile offices bring flexibility and new design possibilities, but also require us to adapt to new places, people, situations and moods every day. For people who are sensitive to electrosmog, the challenges are even greater because mobile offices are exposed to corresponding radiation levels due to WLAN.

But even at home, it is sometimes difficult to concentrate on what is enjoyable: you are disturbed or distracted and find it difficult to stay with yourself, although you actually want to read in peace, listen to music in a relaxed manner or be creative at leisure.

"I am in my realm" was designed in such a way that the space in which one has to work or wants to be active becomes one's "own realm". Spray and crystal cleanse energetically and build up a harmonizing energy field. They support to concentrate, to be stable and present, to stay calm and to work in flow.

The focus of the energy spray is on energetic cleansing. The crystal "I am in my realm" additionally supports the human energy field, so that it remains stable even in case of electrosmog. Since the crystal is compact, you can take it with you everywhere and simply set it up - not only at your workplace, but wherever you need "your space".

Many use the combination of crystal and spray to clean a place faster from the existing energies and to build up a stable own field.

Contained energies:

Elohim white, purple, blue, turquoise

Creation ray yellow 

Be present

Lao Tse, Sanat Kumara, Djwal Khul, Maria

Tree, Haniel, Chamuel

Material: crystal glass, size: approx. 40 mm

Please note: Our crystals are subject to color variations depending on the manufacturing process and lighting conditions. The illustration is a sample representation.



  • For living, sleeping, and working spaces,
  • put on the desk / bedside table, integrate into the room decoration.
  • Crystals can also be worn on the body, e.g. in the shirt or trouser pocket
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