42 - blend of the year

The ThemeEssence Blend of the Year contains the power of several essences and has an impact on several Colour Rays. The topic of this essence is integrating the energies of the year.


  • integrating the Energies of the Year,
  • working on the issue of the year,
  • using the opportunities and supportive powers of the year.

The Blend of the Year

helps us to master the topics of the year. Every year there are both individual challenges or steps for growth and collective issues or tasks which face us all.

Additional notes on this LichtWesen essence

Blend of the Year has the number 42. Often the Blend of the Year helps us to prepare for and attune to the coming year. During the Twelve Nights or ‘holy days’ between Christmas and Epiphany (January 6), it can prepare us powerfully for what is to come. Since the energies of the respective years overlap, the power of each Blend of the Year already begins to take effect in November of the preceding year and its benefits continue into February of the following year.
Users often reported that when difficulties appeared, the essence helped them to recognise that their own individual challenges were identical with the topics dealt with by the Blend of the Year. Therapists also use the Blend of the Year as a constitutional remedy for children born in that year.