Free yourself, stand up for visions and inner values (Energy of the time 8/2021)

Free yourself, stand up for visions and inner values - these are the current topics
  • Transformation and healing
  • Free yourself from blockages and traumas
  • Awareness
  • Events show blockages and emotional hurt
  • Stand up for your values ​​and visions
  • Creativity
  • Being more sensitive, thin-skinned
  • Internal and external tension and increased emotional response
  • Stabilize yourself through meditation, spending time in nature, taking care of your body


Detailed description


  • Transformation, healing, freeing yourself from inner restrictions, becoming conscious, events

As it has been for weeks, the energy continues to support the healing of emotional injuries, traumas and mental limitations. In August there is a particularly strong power of transformation, so that we can more easily free ourselves from disruptive behavior patterns and dependencies. We recognize more quickly what is limiting us and with which adopted beliefs and experiences we block our possibilities and our potential. These blockages can be resolved (supportive LichtWesen product: Elohim violet). This strengthens our very being and gives us the opportunity to be and live differently.

Limiting ideas and beliefs from the collective field also become conscious and can be resolved. Events - both in one's own life and global events - make us aware of emotional injuries and limiting ideas. It's about recognizing how we are influenced by the outside world, by events, by conversations, by emails, what they trigger in us - and to clear off unwanted resonances. In the ideal case, the vibrations lead to the dissolution of blockages, to a rethinking, to a different behavior. That is why it is now worthwhile to question things that touch and shake you: What triggered it in me? Which feeling was touched in me? Do pictures, sentences, situations from the past appear? What thoughts, feelings and expectations does the event trigger in me?

In the next few weeks it is particularly worthwhile to consciously take time for the healing (supportive LichtWesen product: Elohim violet and green). Usually you can only see the transformation effects in retrospect. You react differently to situations than you used to. You master challenges better. The feelings in recurring situations have changed.

How I transform such blockages and restrictive structures from the past: If an event touches me and maybe throws me off balance, I invite the violet ray of the Elohim and ask for transformation and healing. I imagine that the violet ray flows into the situation, into my feelings and into the source of my blockage. If it's hard to visualize, just ask. I also use the energy spray or the essential oil. Then I see if pictures or situations from the past arise. Whether or not I am aware of the cause from the past, I envision the violet ray of the Elohim (often combined with the green ray for healing) flowing into the cause and healing.

  • Stand up for your values

The strong transformational power will continue in the coming months and support the change. This makes it possible to recognize and use your own potential more and more. Our true being is strengthened. Likewise, our clarity and the strength to stand up for ourselves and for our visions, with inner calmness and strength, with inner clarity, without a fight and without “knocking down” the other is supported. It does not matter whether you “lose or win”. It's about standing up for values ​​and visions that are important for us, for our lives. This includes our vision of a “better world”. Again and again situations arise in which we are forced to take a position and at the same time stand up peacefully and powerfully for our inner values ​​(supportive LichtWesen product: “Entfaltung und Stabilität”  (development and stability).

  • Creativity

Creativity is also strengthened. This makes it easier for us to recognize new possibilities and also have the courage to try new things (supportive LichtWesen product: “Entfaltung und Stabilität”  (development and stability). In addition, positive surprises support us.

  • Thin-skinned, tension, emotional reactions

As in the past few weeks, there are ups and downs of emotions. There are days when we are extremely thin-skinned. We feel shaken, whirled around, disoriented, tense inside. This leads to our overreacting quickly. Anger and frustration discharge "out of the blue".

On days like this, many people feel lost, hopeless, paralyzed. Or wants to give up everything: “It doesn't make any sense anyway”.

When I get into such a mood, I realize that if I throw it all away, I'll have lost now. Then there is no longer any chance that I will change anything for myself or for the world. That gives me the strength to stand up for myself and not to give up.

Even if it is difficult in such moments, it is especially important now to get up again and again to stand up for yourself and your vision (supportive LichtWesen  product: Elohim violet and green).
It is also helpful to be aware of your inner state. On "shaky days" you should be particularly careful with yourself and avoid conflict situations.



  • Stabilize yourself

In the next few weeks it is very important to stabilize yourself again and again, through meditation (the meditation described below is also helpful), through exercise and sport, being in nature, by paying attention to what the body needs in terms of food and relaxation (supportive LichtWesen product: Elohim violet and green).

Meditation to stabilize the body-energy system: Focus your attention on your breathing. When you inhale, breathe all disturbances, stresses, physical complaints, stressful feelings and stored memories into your heart, first from every single organ - heart, lungs, liver, stomach, digestive system ... The disturbances are transformed in the heart and with the Exhaling flows back love and healing into the organ.

Then breathe the stresses out of the tissues into your heart - from the bone tissue, the glands, the muscle tissue ... - and after they have been transformed, love and healing flow back into the tissue as you exhale. Then let all further disturbances in the body, which can still be transformed, flow into your heart and with the exhalation, love and healing flow back into the place.

Finally, breathe in all disturbances, stresses and dissonances from your energy system into the heart area. After being transformed there, love and healing flow back on the exhale.

This meditation can also be done in between: For a single organ, when a physical complaint arises, when one has been hit emotionally or is "shaky".


Supporting LichtWesen products:

LichtWesen No. 61, Elohim violet - transformation

LichtWesen Energy Blend: Development and stability - being stable, developing your potential

LichtWesen No. 59, Elohim green – health on all levels