Lichtwesen kommt an

What our customers say about LichtWesen© - here are a few excerpts:


"Fantastic Essences - I've had very good personal and professional experiences with them. They work very different than Bach flower remedies and at the same time they are the perfect complement to the flower essences. The LichtWesen©-essences cleanse and purify the aura. The field around the human being will be cleared. The user does feel balanced, deadlocked processes resolve themselves. The essences are the perfect complement to any therapy, whether for body, mind or soul. "

Stefanie Gräbenstein-Heidergott, Grenzenlos Vital


"Thank you very much for the speedy delivery and I am very pleased with my annual bead. It is all so lovingly packaged and then you even added in addition to my order a sample of a feel-good essence ... great joy :) I can really recommend you, it feels to me very harmonious and I also feel the wonderful energies :) "


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