Annual Bead 2020 grey

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Stable and joyful in stormy times - annual mix 2020

Remain stable and weather stormy times well and use
Growing beyond borders and developing its greatest potential
Male-female balance

Silver-grey and gold Murano glass bead (handmade).

This energy is also available as a spray: Energy spray annual mix 2020.

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The annual bead helps to be stable, to understand signs and indications faster and to decide and act with care and consideration. The advancing energy can be used joyfully and effectively. Therefore, especially in stormy periods, this energy is an important support, a strengthening of one's own power, which gives stability.

The Annual Bead also supports our growth and development, so that we recognise and use our abilities and develop our greatest possible potential. The male-female balance is also strengthened.

The Annual Bead 2020 is available in silver-grey-gold. It is handmade by glass artist Elke Kahl. Core made of 925 sterling silver, dimensions: inside 4 mm, outside 15 mm. Delivery without strap

This piece of jewellery contains the energies of the annual mixture 2020; in it the energies of Tree, Haniel, the Elohim rays weiß, grün and gold as well as the energy of Christ, Mary and Kuthumi are at work. It has a permanent effect when worn and can also be used in the following years.

The annual mixture can be used continuously throughout the year or specifically in the phases in which support is needed. The themes of 2020 are current from October 2019 and until March 2020 the energies of both years overlap. Therefore both annual mixes can be used during this period, even simultaneously.

This energy is also available as a spray: Energy spray annual mixture 2020.

Information from Petra Schneider on the annual energy 2020 can be found in Petra Schneiders LichtWesen-Blog.

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