Blend of the Year 2018 #42

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  • togetherness in action, remaining calm and composed, activating power, stability and energy for the body,
  • provides support every day,
  • making use of supportive powers and opportunities
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Blend of the Year 2018
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The Blend of the Year 2018 helps us to keep finding our way back to our own power, to remain composed and to master global changes more easily. It activates the power in our body so even in difficult times we can maintain our ability to act, our stability and our health. Our body will be able to regenerate again and again.

The main issue for 2018 is togetherness in action, in the sense of supporting each other and also carrying out joint projects. We can each contribute our own knowledge and skills, while at the same time being supported by others. This will give rise to active, living networks and new opportunities that extend beyond those available to any individual.

The issue at hand is also to find out who we want to network with – whether in society, business or our private life – and how we can establish a stable, long-term network. We need inner strength, an awareness of our own skills and achievements, and the ability to both give and accept constructive criticism. It is also necessary to cultivate a balance between the needs of the individual and those of the society.

Changes will pose a challenge to us, so we need our power for ourselves, for stability and for a healthy body.

The Blend of the Year 2018 carries the energies of Djwal Khul, Kuthumi, Lao Tse, Hilarion, Gabriel, Zadkiel, the Crystalline Creation Ray, Air and the Violet Elohim Ray.

Available as:

Tincture (to spray on): water-alcohol (30 ml = 1 fl oz)

Bead: hand-made bead of Murano glass with gold plating, eyelet of sterling silver

As well as the overarching Energy of the Year, additional topics also prevail at different times – the “Energy of the Moment” describes the current situation and the additional energies which could assist us – it can be found on the LichtWesen website and the Facebook page.
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