Mastering Crises

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  • stabilising the body-energy system during and after crisis situations,
  • beneficial in times of new duties, financial difficulties, inner troubles or difficult situations such as divorce or death of a loved one,
  • additional energy during energetic changes; fills in ‘gaps’ in our aura
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Mastering Crises tincture
€93.00 / 100 ml


Changes in our personal life situation also result in changes in our energy system: examples include crises, loss, separation, new tasks or even after attending personal growth seminars or course of therapy. At times like this, a new, stable energetic order needs to be found. The energy needed to do this is quite often taken from our body, but this can result in physiological complaints or illness.
The essence Mastering Crises can help us in any situation where things are changing or we feel overwhelmed. It stabilises our emotional and physical state, integrating the new order. In this way, we can let go of old structures more easily, recognising and accepting new opportunities.
Energies included: Blue Elohim Ray, Metatron, Earth, Orion and Mary.

Available as:
Tincture with colloidal gold (to spray on): water-alcohol (30 ml = 1 fl oz)
energised glass bead (hand-made by glass artist Elke Kahl. Material: Murano glass with 23-carat gold plating (the gold is protected by a coating of clear glass), core of sterling silver, dimensions: inner 0.5 cm, outer 1.5 cm)
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