LichtWesen Master Essences – eBook (German and English)

  • How we grow beyond our current limitations, change our behaviour and live a conscious life.
  • From Dr. Petra Schneider and Gerhard K. Pieroth.
  • Formats: ePUB (Tolino), MOBI (Kindle).

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What is actually stopping use from living the life we want to? Why do we repeatedly get stuck in difficulties, uncomfortable ways of behaving and illnesses?
The LichtWesen MasterEssences have a beneficial impact on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. They resolve blockages and this gives us courage to act, trust, confidence and joy, allowing us to recognise and live out our truth, enjoy life and experience love. In this way we continue developing, living out our potential and living a successful life. The energetic vibrations carry with them the “Ascended Masters” and are an optimal tool for our responsible, individual growth. This book is a systematic introduction to working with these essences, written for both individuals and therapists. 

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