Encouraging Angel

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  • Courage for new or difficult situations; comfort in difficult times
  • For each new stage: kindergarten, school, change of school, for newborns; for the small challenges: Dentist, conversations, exams; when saying goodbye and making a new start, in emotionally turbulent times, when one is sad or feels unstable
  • Finding trust and comfort

Size approx. 17 cm

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Again and again there are situations in which courage is needed, both for an unusual step and for the small challenges of everyday life. And there are times when one is sad. The infant who cries; the adolescent who feels misunderstood or the adult with "world-weariness" and everyone who deals with emotional wounds of the past. In such situations words can only help to a limited extent - you have to "just get through" it and need courage to get up again and move on. To make things a little easier: The Lightbeing Encouraging Angel is an energetic support to which one can hold on to. So you can find your way back into your own strength more quickly and grow beyond yourself.

The "Encouraging Angel" also helps to sleep restfully and to start the day with new hope.

The Encouragement Angel is handmade in Germany and is washable.

Energies: Mary (security and comfort), Kwan Yin (letting go), Michael (being protected), Raphael (getting healed), Gabriel (hope; accepting the new), Haniel (getting up, growing), Elohim pink (emotional healing), Elohim violet (transformation), Elohim green (regeneration)

Size and material:
approx. 17 cm (size may vary slightly as it is handmade),
100 % polyester plush (3 mm soft velboa), filling: polyester wool


Maria (Geborgenheit und Trost), Kwan Yin (loslassen), Michael (geschützt sein), Raphael (heil werden), Gabriel (Hoffnung; das Neue annehmen), Haniel (sich aufrichten, wachsen), Elohim rosa (emotionale Heilung), Elohim violett (Transformation), Elohim grün (Regeneration)

Größe ca. 17 cm (kann minimal abweichen da Handarbeit),
100 % Polyesterplüsch (3 mm Soft-Velboa), Füllung: Polyesterwatte

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