Ear studs BodyBalancer

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  • Protects the body, especially in the head area, from radiation and stabilises the aura
  • for people who want to protect their energy field specifically against influencing frequencies and electromagnetic radiation
  • Intensifies the connection to earth
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The radiation in our environment has increased significantly: Electrical appliances, WLAN, electric circuits, monitors, mobile phones and mobile phone masts generate electromagnetic fields that more and more people feel and are affected by.

The BodyBalancer earrings have a stabilising effect on the physical energy system and thus offer protection against electromagnetic radiation and oscillation frequencies that are incompatible with the human energy field. This is especially important in the head area because of mobile phone and smartphone use. Test persons reported that they felt clearer and "freer in the head".

The ear stud contains both the energies of the body balancer and the stability crystal. As a result, they have an effect on radiation, and they support the human energy field to rebuild itself more quickly when it is disturbed or collapsed. This combination is also available as an attachment for the rubber bracelet.

Available in pairs, versions: 4 mm and in 5 mm diameter; Material: Zirconia, set in sterling silver.

Versions: 4 mm and in 5 mm diameter; Material: Zirconia, set in sterling silver.

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