I am respected - Ear stud

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  • Gain a self-confident charisma - so that others behave respectfully. Communicate clearly and confidently, for example as parents, teachers, employees, bosses, in a team
  • for situations where you are uncertain, also because they are rare or you are unfamiliar with the subject (buying a car, talking to the bank, going to the doctor);
  • when you need or want recognition
    Self-worth and self-esteem; appreciation for one's own work

Stud earrings with aquamarine zirconia, diam. 5 mm, silver setting. This energy is also available as spray.

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Every day we are confronted with situations in which we have to take a stand or want to get something done. Whether or not the others will like what you broadcast depends on what you broadcast. This is especially true in situations where we feel insecure.

The Light Essence energy "I am respected" strengthens natural authority and self-respect. We can say "no" more easily and our no or yes carries weight. In this way, it also helps people who are easily overlooked, passed over or undercharged, people who are not listened to. We take our place as a matter of course, stand up for what is important to us and no longer feel that we have to fight for it. This makes us appear differently; with an upright attitude, a confident voice and clear words. Those who radiate natural authority do not have to hide or shout.

Also helps in professional situations to appreciate one's own work and to be less influenced by doubts and the feeling of "not being good enough yet". This also increases the respect of clients, customers, employees and colleagues.

Contained energies: Elohim crystalline, pink, gold, blue and violet, creation ray green, Chamuel, Melchizedek, Angelica, Lao Tse, Christ, Djwal Khul, Lady Portia, Orion, Kuthumi

Studs in silver 925 with zirconia aquamarine blue, diam. 5mm. Colour and model variations are possible.
This energy is also available as spray with goldwater (30 ml).



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