Raunights Tincture and Scented Spray

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  • For the Raunights (December 25th to January 5th), but also from the beginning of December and in all times when clarification, transformation and realignment are involved.
  • For spaces, for the energy system, to recognize opportunities and opportunities; to spark enthusiasm
  • Connects with the soul plan and your own potential; opens for the gifts of life

Available as a tincture spray (without fragrance; alcohol / water; 30 ml = 1 fl oz.) And as a fragrance spray with forest major, myrtle and manuka (alcohol denat., aroma) - 30 ml (= 1 fl oz.)


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The Raunights (German: Raunächte, or Rauhnächte) are particularly powerful and transformative in 2019. And above all: We receive important information for ourselves and about the opportunities in the New Year. With the support of the LichtWesen® Essence for Raunights (german: Raunächte), both the transformation and the conclusions are more powerful. If you want, you can combine the spray with smoking out. Since the energy has a transforming effect from the beginning of December, the LichtWesen® Spray for Raunights (German: Raunaechte) can also be used from the beginning of December - and in all other times when it comes to clarification, transformation and realignment.

The LichtWesen® Roomspray for Raunights (German: Raunaechte)

  • Cleans and transforms both spaces and the physical energy system
    • Releases blockages like constricting ideas, blocking experiences
    • Connects with the soul and the soul plan
    • Connects with your own potential
    • Opportunities and tasks for the coming year can be seen more clearly
    • Prepares for the coming year and the upcoming opportunities and challenges
    • Opens up to seeing and accepting the gifts of life
    • Ignites joy and enthusiasm for the work

Included energies: Elohim violet, magenta, white, green, gold, pink, Michael, Uriel, Angelika, Orion

Application: Spray into the room or into the aura. 

The energy is available as a scented spray with forest major, myrtle and manuka and as an unscented tincture spray with gold water.

In the Infoblog to Raunights (german: Raunaechte) you will find more information about the Raunights and how you can optimally use this time for yourself with the support of the LichtWesen® - Essences.



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