SoulCrystal with silver clip

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  • intensifies our connection to our soul,
  • understanding the inspirations of our soul and putting them into practice; establishing alignment with our life plan,
  • connecting with the experiences and knowledge of our soul; integrating skills and knowledge
glass crystal, approx. 24 mm
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Every human has their own individual soul, which stores all of the experiences, memories and knowledge that it has acquired ever since it came into being. We have access to the contents of our soul that are important for this life. But this access is often blocked.

The SoulEssence energy intensifies our connection to the knowledge of our soul and the abilities and gifts that we want to develop. This makes it easier to understand our soul and put its impulses into practice. Beyond this, the energy also strengthens our connection to loving beings who will be at our side during the next step we need to take.

In our energetic system, the thyroid is seen as the seat of old knowledge, and the hip joint as the connection between our body and the soul plan. So for any disorders or complaints in these regions, therapists can apply this essence during treatment.

This can be supported by: the powers of the Archangels Raphael (equilibrium and health), Jophiel (connection), Zadkiel (integration), Uriel (manifesting visions) andMichael (protection and power) as well as the Colour Rays of the Elohim.

Also available as:
tincture (to spray on): water-alcohol (30 ml = 1 fl oz)
oil - scented (to rub onto skin/for massage): almond, sesame seed and sunflower seed oils, aroma: pure essential orange oil (30 ml = 1 fl oz)

Crystals and energy spheres

  • Wear on the body,
  • in a shirt pocket or trouser pocket (a customer gave the hint to pull a string through the hole in the crystal, attach it to the belt loop, and put it in the trouser pocket),
  • or as jewellery
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