Soul Space

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A guided meditation  with a direct soul experience!

  • Contact to our soul companions
  • Contact to the inner healer

 with music from Merlin's Magic - written and spoken by: Dr. Petra Schneider

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A guided meditation  with a direct soul experience!

Petra Schneider leads us on an intuitive journey to deep levels of consciousness, where we find a safe space to make contact with our soul companion and our inner healer. The music by Merlin’s Magic accompanies us as we enter our absolutely unique, personal soul space, where we can meet our inner healer and soul companion. Our conscious contact with them can strengthen our psychological and physical power. In our soul space we have the chance to pose an individual question. Out of our unlimited inner wisdom we can then receive an answer..

This CD is excellently suitable for using to make contact with our unconscious levels in order to more easily answer important questions and take decisions. With touching music by Merlin’s Magic


1. Introduction – The mystical forest (11:48)
2. Soul space (10:21)
3. Encounter with the inner healer (7:24)
4. Your soul light (5:41)
5. Space of insight (12:14)
6. Return (3:10)
Total length: 50:40

ISBN 978-3-39385-576-6 - Windpferd Publishers

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