Developing power and skills

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This double CD set from Dr. Petra Schneider leads us in a cheerful yet serious and effective way to our hidden talents, desires and inner powers. At the same time, the listener will feel relaxed and recuperated.
The impact comes from the power of words, metaphors and music. Video sequences also allow  us to relax our eyes and rational mind.

Written and spoken by: Dr. Petra Schneider

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This CD is a little different to Dr. Petra Schneider’s other CDs. It invites you on a journey to discover yourself, with stories, metaphors and meditative texts allowing you to gain access to new opportunities, talents, hidden talents and inner powers. It is relaxing to listen to and will sometimes make you grin. Suitable for playing in the background or listening to very carefully.


CD 1
1. Finding Yourself
2. Every day is new
3. Decisions
4. The story of the talents
5. Hidden abilities
6. Medenga
7. Setting off
8. Slatko
9. The ‘control-freak’
10. Laughter is healthy
11. Taking a rest on the path
12. Dreams can act as a roadmap
13. Blue Cat
Total length 43:46
CD 2
1. It’s all too much
2. Short holiday
3. A familiar unknown world
4. Into the Sun
5. Changes
Total length 19:16

Total length 63:02

ISBN: 978-3-936102-03-1

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