Resolving Trauma 30 ml essence for animals

Delivery Time: 1-3 Days
  • in the wake of traumatic experiences and shock,
  • calming – e.g. during storms, fireworks, visits to the vet, encounters with other animals or people; in cases of abnormal behaviour or fear of specific situations or people
  • restores the order of the energy system

tincture spray (water-alcohol blend), 30 ml

€96.67 / 100 ml
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Just like humans, animals experience minor and major shocks. This might be a stay in an animal shelter, or due to life on the streets or even abuse. Even occurrences such as a journey in a vehicle, fireworks being set off in the neighbourhood, or an encounter with another animal can trigger trauma. Sometimes this can lead to behavioural disturbances or health problems.
If you are applying a LichtWesen essence to your animal for the first time, we recommend combining it with the essence Resolving Trauma for the first week. If your animal is exhibiting unfamiliar behaviour, you should apply this essence as long as needed until the symptoms disappear.

tincture spray (water-alcohol blend), 30 ml

Essences for Animals

Spray several times a day into your hand and then stroke it onto the fur.

Animals sense the vibrations of the essence and often know exactly whether they need it now or not. We have even experienced animals following their humans around as long as it takes until they receive the essence. It is recommended to offer the animal the essence rather than to force it upon them. Spray into your palm and offer this towards the animal. If the animal does not need it now it will turn its head away or run away.

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