What´s next? - orientate yourself

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  • Recognize where you stand, what is no longer correct, what is possible, what you want; make a decision.
  • In times of change; during reorientation (when one wants or needs a change, privately or at work); before and during projects, in order to orientate and check oneself again and again.
  • Connecting with intuition, inner knowing and the soul plan.
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There are always phases of change: you are in a fog, you don't know what is possible. You feel exhausted, perhaps sad without a concrete reason. For many people, such phases also occur when the children have left home, during separations (children, partnership, friendships, parents, new situation at work), during illness, when the family or professional structure changes or no longer fits, when one is lost in everyday life, has a goal. Then you need orientation. This are situations for the energy spray What´s next?

To illustrate the effect with an image: If you have lost your way while driving, you stop, orientate yourself and then make a decision.

The energy spray What's next? helps you to pause, come back to yourself and gain clarity: Where do I stand? What is possible? What do I want?

It also strengthens the connection to intuition, inner wisdom, higher knowledge and the soul plan, so that one can realistically recognize what is possible, decide and then also make the steps. This makes it easier to reorganize oneself and to structure one's life differently.

In addition, the essence helps you to recognize the right time and to remain calm until you have to become active.

After choosing a vision or making a decision, it is advisable to use the essence I`m taking off to gain momentum and strength for the steps ahead.

Tincture spray

Apply once or several times a day 

  • onto parts of the body (for instance, on the pulse of the wrist, on the cervical spine area or on places with ailments),
  • into your aura or energy centres.
  • The tinctures can also be sprayed into the mouth cavity.
  • Also suitable as an addition to bathwater, to massage oils or to cosmetics such as shower gel and body lotion.

Orion, Hilarion, Kuthumi, Christ, Mary, St. Germain, Maha Chohan, Lady Portia and pink creation ray

Aqua (Wasser), Ethanol (Weingeist), 30 ml (= 1 fl oz)

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