Well-Being for Dogs 30 ml

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  • well-being every day,
  • harmonises the energy flow and has a calming effect,
  • purifies the energy system

tincture spray (water-alcohol blend), 30 ml

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The essence “Well-Being for Dogs” gives your dog an ‘energy shower’ every day.

Dogs are influenced by the behaviour of humans. They can absorb burdensome energies from humans and the environment, which have a negative effect on them. “Well-Being for Dogs” clarifies and cleanses the animal and restores its own innate energy. It can also be beneficial if there is a change in the cat’s feed.

tincture spray (water-alcohol blend), 30 ml

Essences for Animals

Spray several times a day into your hand and then stroke it onto the fur.

Animals sense the vibrations of the essence and often know exactly whether they need it now or not. We have even experienced animals following their humans around as long as it takes until they receive the essence. It is recommended to offer the animal the essence rather than to force it upon them. Spray into your palm and offer this towards the animal. If the animal does not need it now it will turn its head away or run away.

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