Blend of the Year 2019 - Spray and Bead #42

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  • Focused, courageous, unerring to the goal; look behind the facades
  • supporting spray for daily use
  • Discover and unfold potentials and abilities
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Jahresmischung 2019
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LichtWesen® supporting energy-blend for the year 2019   

Focused, courageous, unerring to the goal

Information about the LichtWesen® annual mixture 2019

by Dr. Petra Schneider

Annual Mix 2019

• Keep being focused on the goal, the vision and the task.

• Be watchful and carefully

• Go step by step on your path.

• Do not get distracted or blinded

• Look behind the facades

• Discover and unfold potentials and abilities

• Spark enthusiasm

• Balance female and male strength (yin and yang)

• Develop compassion for yourself and others

What awaits us?

2019 brings about changes that are sometimes dramatic, both in the world and in our personal lives. These changes are, on the one hand, a consequence of our actions and of what we have started. On the other hand, there are changes that strike us unexpectedly and that, once we have digested them, also open up surprising, enjoyable possibilities. This makes it difficult to plan ahead.
Again and again we get confused: Blenders attract us with promises, illusions obscure our clear view and our focus. It is therefore important to look closely and to check again and again where the next step is leading us.
Central to 2019 is keeping the goal, the vision, to keep an eye on the task. Both for own personal life and for the bigger picture. Going step by step towards it and not to be distracted, no matter how easy, beguiling or how rocky the path is.

How does the annual mix support 2019?

The annual mix helps to be stable, to keep an eye on his goal, his vision, his life task, and courageously step on it, with willpower, perseverance, and drive. In doing so, we unfold already used and previously unknown skills. We can grow beyond ourselves. This is especially important for those who want to bring something new or change the world.

The 2019 annual mix helps to be mindful, to recognize important information and hints and not to ignore the soft sounds. Illusions, Distractions and wrong turns can be detected faster. It is easier to look beyond the superficial, behind the facades, to the core of a situation, of a person, of one's own being. In times of confusion and disorientation, this energy-blend helps to regain oneself and to find your way and to take responsibility for the realization of the vision.

It also helps to recognize which people and powers support us will inspire enthusiasm that unleashes an extraordinary power. The compassion and the love for oneself, for others and for the task are strengthened. Female and male energy, the yin and yang in humans, are balanced and can lead to a new self-confidence and new behaviors.

In the annual energy-blend of 2019, the energies of Aeolus, Djwal Khul, Victory, Hilarion, Melchizedek, Erde, Hanielpink ray of creation and  the Elohim rays  silver and gold  are included.

General information about the annual energy

Every year has challenges that apply across the collective field to all people. The annual blend helps to overcome these. It can be used throughout the year, or during the phases in which you need it. The themes of 2019 are up-to-date from October 2018 and until March 2019 both energies overlap. During this time, the annual blends of both years can be taken, even together. In addition to the overarching energy of the year, there are additional topics - in the "Energy of Time" by LichtWesen you will find a description of the current situation and which energies are additionally supportive - on the LichtWesen page (link) and on facebook (link).

How the individual energies work:

Being focused, courageous, unwavering going his own way, to be stable

No. 14 Victory: Courageously and confidently go his way; take his place

No. 6 Djwal Khul: strengthening one's strength; Self-confidence; do what needs to be done

Keep an eye on the goal, grow beyond yourself

No. 16 Hilarion: find his place; to assume one's own size and task; Strengthen the connection to the higher consciousness; Be a pioneer

No. 20 Aeolus: Recognize how the inner state, such as beliefs, fears, expectations, and conflicting beliefs, sabotages or supports our intentions and goals; See through illusions

No. 43 Melchizedek: mastering even difficult situations with straightforward power.
Taking responsibility

No. 23 Haniel: to stand up with his strength and courage in his size

golden Elohim (# 64) and silver Elohim (# 65): to reconcile the male (yang) and female (yin) powers, unfold their potential


Love for yourself, for others, for his task

No. 69  pink ray of creation: lovingly accepting what is; Overcome judgements and mood swings.


Supportive meditation: Imagine that you are on your way to a destination, to the beach, to the top of a mountain, to a place, ... Look at the path that lies ahead of you and also what you have already achieved (if you like , may you ask your higher consciousness to give you information).
Then go on, mindful, aware, step by step. You will pass places that invite you to linger (flowers, meadow, a beautiful view), but also through tedious sections to go (rocky, boggy, steep). Sometimes you have to go another way to get ahead. You can look at and enjoy your surroundings, but do not be distracted. Go on, step by step, until you reach your destination.

You can also do this meditation on every walk, on every hike, and even while shopping. Your goal in mind, focus on going step by step.

The energy of the annual blend comes as a tincture and as a magenta golden LichtWesen- Bead. The bead has effect permanently whenever worn and can be used in the following years too for strengthening the abilities.

How to use the 2019-Essence: Apply once or several times daily, fanning or spraying into the aura and energy centers. You can also add the tincture to the oral cavity. The annual mix can be combined well with other LichtWesen ® essences.

In der Jahresmischung 2019 wirken die Energien von Aeolus, Djwal Khul, Victory, Hilarion, Melchizedek, Erde, Haniel, dem rosa Schöpfungsstrahl und den Elohimstrahlen silber und gold.

Erhältlich als:

Tinktur (zum Aufsprühen): Wasser-Alkohol (30 ml = 1 fl oz.)

Bead: handgefertigt, Muranoglas mit Goldauflage, Eyelet aus Sterlingsilber

Neben der übergeordneten Jahresenergie gibt es zusätzliche Themen – in der „Energie der Zeit“ finden Sie eine Beschreibung zur aktuellen Situation und welche Energien dann zusätzlich unterstützend wirken – auf der LichtWesen Seite und auf Facebook.

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