48 - RoomLight (RaumLicht) concentrate - tincture 30 ml #48

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  • Energetical cleansing and enhancement
  • harmonising the energy system and the energetic situation of the environment
  • creating an energetically clean state

RoomLight (RaumLicht) tincture concentrate: water-alcohol – 30 ml (=1 fl oz)

€99.67 / 100 ml
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I am fully in my energy and liberated from everything that does not belong to me. The space is energetically clean.

RoomLight (RaumLicht) is an energetical cleansing spray to clarify and improve spaces, objects, clothes, food and our aura. The environment and the energy system become harmonised and we feel better. After being in places where we were in contact with many people (supermarket, offices, factories, waiting rooms) we sometimes feel tired, annoyed or ‘tainted’. In this case RoomLight helps to free us from these disturbing energies. It is also beneficial for those working in professions where there is contact with a lot of other people: hairdressers, nurses, therapists, service staff...

Associated with the white Colour Ray.

The concentrate can be used to make the cleansing spray – in the spray flacon provided in the set or in any normal spray bottle: add 1 capful of the RoomLight concentrate to 100 ml water and shake well. The glass pearls in the spray flacon purify and energise the water used. 30ml of the concentrate make approximately 800ml of the spray. We recommend preserving the final spray with vinegar or alcohol if it will be standing around for a longer time.

Fragrance can be added to the RoomLight spray with essential oils or with a few drops of Elohim oil. Elohim oils also add their topic’s effects to the impact of the spray.


RoomLight is very suitable for cleansing spaces or situations that are subject to particular burdens: waiting rooms, surgeries, conference and event facilities, hospital and hotel rooms, holiday apartments. Users spray it in the rooms or spray the objects directly. Some also add it to the water when they are cleaning, ensuring that the rooms are also cleansed energetically. From hairdressers and beauticians we heard that they use RoomLight to energetically cleanse brushes, scissors, towels and even the cut hair on the floor. They also feel more powerful if they spray themselves with RoomLight regularly.

When renovating rooms RoomLight can be added to the paint or paste (1 capful to about 12 litres).


Room Spray

Spray several times a day. Also for seats and on pillows.

Michael, Seraphis Bey, ElementeBalance and white Elohim Ray

A detailed description of the individual energies and further information can be found in our infoblog.

Aqua (water), Ethanol96, 30 ml (= 1 fl oz)

Add 1 capful concentrate to 100 ml water. 30 ml concentrate make 800 ml purifying spray.
The concentrate is available individually and as a set.

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