zirconia yellow

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  • zest for life and optimism,
  • the energetic sun ensures a good mood; enhances our joy for learning,
  • connection with inner knowledge and wisdom
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56 - Yellow Ray Elohim - zirconia
68 - Yellow Creation Ray, zirconia


Focus of the oval Elohim zirconia: Delight and vitality

  • developing an optimistic, cheerful, sunny attitude to life; increasing our readiness and capacity to learn, 
  • during emotional bad patches; for people who are frustrated or depressed, who mostly see and expect the negative; for pupils and students of every type, 
  • access to the knowledge of our soul; deep feeling of happiness

Focus of the navette zirconia (Creation Ray): vital desire

  • joyfully developing ourselves and blossoming; vital desire; cheerfulness; delight in learning and discovering, 
  • is like sunshine on a grey day or during ‘November depressions’ helps overcome learning blocks or resistance against studying and learning,
  • realising our highest potential

Zirconia and Jewellery

  • As jewellery,
  • in a shirt pocket or trouser pocket

Elohim gelb

Schöpfungsstrahl gelb

Eine ausführliche Beschreibung der einzelnen Energien und weitere Informationen finden Sie in unserem Infoblog.

  • Elohim: ovaler Zirkonia und 925er Silber, ca. 13 x 16 mm, ca. 6 g
  • Schöpfungsstrahl: Zirkonia in Navette-Form und 925er Silber, ca. 10 x 19 mm, ca. 2 g
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