Praxisbuch zu den Farbstrahlen [Practice Manual for the Colour Rays]

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  • Application of the Elohim body crystals and the crystals and essences of the Elohim and Creation Rays.
  • Includes numerous examples of how to use them for cleansing, clarifying, stabilising the energy system, harmonising the body, learning, relaxation and sleep.
  • written by Petra Schneider
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A clearly organised manual - instructions for daily practice.

  • Introduction to the Elohim and Creation Rays as well as the application of the crystals, body crystals, essences and essential oils
  • the way the colours work
  • chakras, reflexology zones, energy channels (meridians) and function cycles
  • over 50 clearly illustrated and easily understandable examples of usage, covering the areas of cleansing, harmonisation, stability, learning and relaxation.

book without box, spiral binding, 80 pages, LichtWesen Edition Lebensfreude, 2011, ISBN 978-3936102-18-5

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