Praxisbuch zu den Farbstrahlen [Practice Manual for the Colour Rays] eBook

  • A manual for daily practice from Dr. Petra Schneider.
  • Introduction and the Elohim and Creation Rays as well as the application of the crystals, body crystals, essences and essential oils
  • the way the colours work,
  • chakras, reflexology zones, energy channels (meridians) and function cycles,
  • clearly illustrated and easily understandable examples of usage.
  • Formats: ePUB (Tolino), MOBI (Kindle)   

You will find a short introduction in the description.

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The Colour Rays of the Elohim and Creation Rays are powerful energies. They can assist us to establish and maintain a natural balance and order in our energy system and in our body. Their power cleanses and stabilises. This allows us to resolve constricting and obstructive structures in our body energy system. A harmonious balance develops within us. Our potential can develop.

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