Master Angelica – No. 8

Angelica belongs to the Ascended Masters and to the pink and violet Colour Ray. The topic of Angelica is transformation and learning.


  • transformation,
  • healing the wounds of the past,
  • making use of our past experiences,
  • transformation,
  • learning.

The power of the Ascended Master Angelica

heals the wounds of the past: painful experiences, traumas and suppressed memories. This leads to an awareness of what we can learn from these experiences, which we can then use to our benefit. The value of our past experiences and of our own potential becomes visible. Even unpleasant and painful experiences from the present period can be more rapidly transformed, healed and understood. We no longer need to repeat them.

Additional notes on this LichtWesen essence

Angelica has the number 8. This essence’s topic is ‘learning’ and it has also been shown to provide assistance in more conventional study situations or when preparing for exams or coping with learning difficulties. After application, many users report they dream intensely. This dreaming is a way of further processing experiences. For the beginning of new projects or stages of life, the combination of Angelica (8), Orion (9) and Kamakura (10) has proven to be particularly beneficial.

Exercise for this topic

Massage the ‘learning zone’ on your feet. This ‘learning zone’ is on the outer edge of your foot, stretching from the little toe approximately halfway along the side of the foot. To help with these topics, you can apply the essence and massage it into the area on your foot.

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