Master Orion – No. 9

Orion belongs to the Ascended Masters and to the blue Colour Ray. The topic of Orion is visions and intuition.


  • visions,
  • inspiration for our own life path,
  • intuition,
  • connection to the Higher Self,
  • clear insight.

The power of Orion

gives us the clarity to recognise: “Where am I now, where do I want to go, what are the next steps?” This makes it easier to take decisions. In this way, the essence supports us in situations of change and when we have the feeling that something has changed or is changing, without being able to say exactly what this is. The connection to our heart’s desires – to what we really want – is strengthened. This power also connects us to our higher self and higher consciousness so we can live our lives more easily in connection with the soul’s plan.

Additional notes on this LichtWesen essence

Orion has the number 9. This essence has also been shown to have beneficial effects when our mind is ‘foggy’, we cannot think clearly, or if we have pressure in our head (then apply the essence to the forehead). This energy cleanses the third eye or ‘forehead chakra’ (between the eyebrows, above the bridge of the nose) and in this way enhances our clear perception of both earthly reality and inspiration from the spiritual realm. During a vision quest the essence can be applied to the third eye. The Orion essence also helps us to take decisions, particularly in situations where we do not yet clearly have a goal in sight. (Nr. 18 Lady Portia helps in situations where we find a decision difficult because we want everything.) For the beginning of new projects or stages of life, the combination of Angelica (8), Orion (9) and Kamakura (10) has proven to be particularly beneficial.

Exercise for this topic

Invite the power of the Ascended Master Orion. To help here, you can rub the corresponding essence into your forehead and third-eye chakra. Now imagine you are a bird flying in a valley. The bird is looking for a suitable position but it still does not have enough of an overview. So it soars ever higher and finds a tall tree or a mountain summit to perch on. It flies to a point where it has a good view of the surrounding countryside. From here it can find out where it wants to go and how to get there. Now request the power of Orion to strengthen this clear view and perspective within you, too.

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