At LichtWesen we work with the energies of the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, of Integration and the Elohim, as well as the Creation Rays.

Ascended Masters
These beings help us to master our everyday lives by living out our talents, gifts, abilities, duties and goals.

Archangels connects us to the core of our own being. These beings are very close to the divine. Their special power lays in their ability to remind us of what we really are – of the divine spark within us – and of our potential – what our life could be like. Through this we find the power within us.

The IntegrationEssences bring together the ethereal and material levels. This enables them to stabilise our body and make it possible for us to more easily recognise and integrate abilities, characteristics and life qualities.

Elohim energies provide support for improvements in a range of issues and principles within us by bringing our body and life into a healthy order.

Creation Rays
The Creation Ray energies help us live out specific issues and principles in our everyday life. They integrate balancing and healing stimuli into the right place in our body-energy system.

Is this familiar: Making mistakes simply due to high levels of stress. Or: On a grey day you simply cannot get moving.
It is just for situations like these that we developed essences which support us during the challenges of everyday life, helping us to maintain our composure and a clear head. The Themes include Courageous Start, Relax, My Composure...