The system of the colours

LichtWesen energies can be categorised according to colour. Each colour stands for an issue or topic. For example, Blue represents order and Green represents healing.
Our energy system has a range of different energy levels vibrating at a high frequency, ranging from the worldly, earthly level up to the highest level of consciousness. Since there can be blockages at different levels, for any one particular topic we might need several different cleansing stimuli. Each group of LichtWesen energies (Elohim, Archangels, Masters, etc.) works at a different level of vibrations. An example: If we take the Blue Ray as an example, the My Composure essence helps to restore order in difficult worldly situations, whereas the Blue Elohim Ray re-establishes harmony with the divine order.
The Creation Rays have a different effect: they harmonise a topic across all the vibrational levels and stabilise the new state.

The topics of the colours are:
Blue - relaxation, cooling, peace, order
yellow - vitality, delight, growth and development
pink - security, acceptance, relieving emotional wounds
white - clarification, purification, further development
green - becoming healthy, equilibrium, well-being
red - vital power, realisation, activation, stimulating
violet - transformation, clarification right down to the roots, detoxification
turquoise - creativity, agility, liberation
magenta - deep relaxation, connecting levels, connection to awareness
gold - healing power, stability, male principle
silver - protection, harmonising cycles, female principle
crystalline - connection