We pay close attention to the quality of our products from manufacture through energising to dispatch. After all, we think it is important for you to receive the best we can offer.

Our products are manufactured using top-quality raw materials, where possible from organic or near-natural sources. Essences are mixed in our own laboratory. The professional filling also takes place there. The hygiene in our processing facilities is monitored by the local health authorities. We prefer to source from German and European suppliers, even if this does sometimes make our products more expensive.
As a sign of authenticity, LichtWesen products all carry the LichtWesen logo.

LichtWesen Elohim oils are high quality, natural essential oils with 100% purity.
LichtWesen tinctures are comprised of purified water and pure ethyl alcohol made from organically grown grain.
LichtWesen oils are natural essential oils added to pure, cold-pressed vegetable oils of edible oil quality.
LichtWesen aroma spray contains ethyl alcohol made from organically grown grain, pure essential oils and water. It has been made without chemical additives. Only the aroma spray “Air” contains an adhering agent, of a high tolerability level.
LichtWesen Energy Spheres are made from a special glass of rock crystal quality (Ø 12 mm) with a golden cap.
The crystals are, as far as possible, made of lead-free glass. They are ground by hand.
LichtWesen jewellery is made of pure, nickel-free, sterling silver (925 silver) or top-quality gold.
Our Energy Angels are certified free of harmful substances, washable and 100% handmade. The Cuddly Angel and Wish-Fulfilling Angel are both sewed in Germany.


One example of the diligence we apply to our manufacturing is the care and attention we pay to the selection of raw materials for our products. We place great value in treating nature and the planet’s resources in a responsible and sustainable way. Almost all our products are made in Germany. We also select our suppliers very carefully and pay them fair prices. This is why we cannot offer our products at prices lower than they are already.

Here you can see how the LichtWesen Cuddly Angel is produced.