LichtWesen products have an impact on our energy system. They enhance our strengths and abilities, resolve traumas and emotional injuries, in turn harmonising the physical functioning of our physical body.


A human being is multi-layered. Even today, science has no adequate explanation for the interplay of the various levels of consciousness and our physical condition. Research has shown that thoughts and feelings can have an influence on our physical body. Of course, this is obvious in the case of turning red when we are embarrassed or getting an ulcer when we are stressed. But there are also many other effects, including those of our surroundings, other people and the atmosphere in rooms and spaces or at particular places. Natural health practitioners and doctors who are open for the connections between our psychological and physiological aspects are also looking into the influences on our health and psychological state from factors such as disturbances in the ethereal energy system in and around us.

A brief look at the energy system

The energy systems of humans and animals are made up of three main parts:

  1. energy channels – these criss-cross the body channelling subtle energies (ethereal energy) in the same way that veins and arteries supply the parts of the body with blood and oxygen.
  2. energy bodies – also known as ‘aura’, these are in several layers which differ in the frequency at which they vibrate. They cover our body like a coat.
  3.  chakra – also known as energy wheels, these are energy centres or nodes, spaces of concentrated energy which connect the auras, energy channels and bodies. Chakras have an important role in the supply of the body with vital energy (life energy). They receive and send energy. For example, we receive energy from the heart chakra when somebody loves us.


Therapists who include the ethereal energy system in their work are familiar with the effects of energetic blockages. These weaken the flow of energy. This leads to areas of the body receiving an insufficient supply of energy, which manifests in the form of disturbances and complaints in our body, feelings and thoughts (e.g. a non-stop ‘carousel of thoughts’). You are surely familiar with how when we are feeling well and stable we can deal with the day in a more relaxed way and still have lots of verve in the evening, even if the day was challenging. But when we hit an emotional low or feel stressed, then every step and every decision feels so difficult.

LichtWesen essences, crystals and jewellery all clarify and harmonise the energy system. Blockages and disturbances are lastingly resolved. This helps the energy system regain its natural power. We become more composed and react in a calm way, we can cope more easily with challenges, and our body regains its healthy order. This might be familiar to you if you use Bach Flower remedies or do yoga.

How we feel the effects

Each person will be affected by the subtle stimuli of the LichtWesen products in a slightly different way. Some people notice an immediate reaction, such as coolness, warmth, well-being, clarity, a change of mood or perhaps the hairs on the back of their arms stand on end. Others seem to experience nothing, but after a few weeks they discover that they have become ‘more themselves’ and that unwanted behaviour patterns have changed or that physical complaints have disappeared. And often we only realise there has been a change when other people notice and mention it.

Even though many doctors and natural health practitioners make use of ethereal products and techniques, and pharmacists stock ethereal preparations, their effects are still being debated by scientists. So in the end, everyone needs to decide for themselves whether to try out energetic remedies such as LichtWesen products. We can gain our own experiences and decide whether they help us or not.

Legal Notice: The described bio-energetic and ethereal energies and effects have not been scientifically recognised. LichtWesen products are not intended to influence your body’s structure and function – they are not medicines. We expressly exclude any promise or guarantee that our products can heal. Should you have any physical or physiological complaints, please contact your doctor or therapist.