Uriel #22

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  • putting visions into effect; strengthening our willpower and resolve,
  • recognising which steps are necessary and which structures are helpful to achieve a goal,
  • bringing mind, body and soul into harmony
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Uriel tincture
€81.67 / 100 ml
22 - Uriel - ArchangelEnergy, tincture 30 ml
22 - Uriel - ArchangelEnergy, energy sphere


The essence Uriel strengthens the connection between our physical body and our energy system, creating orderly structures. We recognise what we need to be powerful and healthy. Our zest for life, confidence and cheerfulness all become stronger.
The essence has proven to be beneficial if something we ate is hard to digest and lying heavy on our stomach or simply when we are feeling ‘stuffed’. Positive experiences have also been made with the essence during colds or stressful situations.
Uriel is associated with the Red Colour Ray.

Available as:

tincture (to spray on): water-alcohol (30 ml = 1 fl oz)

aroma spray (to rub onto skin/for massage): pure essential oil of patchouli, vetiver and holy basil in water-alcohol (30 ml = 1 fl oz)

Energy Sphere (jewellery pendant): synthetic rock crystal with golden cap

  • Tincture spray: apply once or several times a day
  • Aroma spray: Spray several times a day
  • Energy sphere: jewellery pendant

Erhältlich als:

  • Tinktur: Aqua (Wasser), Ethanol (Weingeist), 30 ml (= 1 fl oz)
  • Duftspray: Aqua (Wasser), Ethanol (Weingeist), Aroma (reines ätherisches Öl von Patchouli, Vetiver und Tulsi), 30 ml (= 1 fl oz)
  • Energiekugel: Glas, Aufhänger vergoldet, ca. 12 mm Durchmesser, ca. 4 g
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