44 - Ra

The SpecialEssence Ra belongs to the gold Colour Ray. The topic of Ra is integrating the divine.


  • integrating the divine,
  • connection to the highest consciousness of matter and of the Earth,
  • integration of the earth-related transpersonal chakras (located underneath our feet),
  • integrating the divine into our body,
  • being in the material world consciously,
  • love for our body, the earth, matter.

The power of Ra

represents the highest consciousness of the Earth, the state of oneness, and paradise in physical form. It brings spirit and consciousness into matter. In this way, consciousness and awareness can be anchored in matter more strongly, and the divine can be integrated into the body. Earthly challenges and physical issues can be better recognised and mastered. The Ra energy also strengthens our love of the body, our environment and material things.
Ra (also called Re) was honoured in Egypt as the sun god. He represents the original cosmic creative power – the principle of creation. Ra ‘arises’ out of Amun (or Atum) – pure consciousness without form. It is this connection which makes him creator of the world. As the sun, he also shows us the ever present transition of arising and decaying.

Additional notes on this LichtWesen essence

Ra has the number 44. The Ra essence is very powerful so it is wise to decide consciously whether you want to let yourself be influenced by it now. Nonetheless, the effects of this energy can also work subtly. Some people did not feel anything at first but then noticed powerful actions and changes. Some users report they “see the world with different eyes”. They feel more respect and love for material creation and are able to make out the spark of creation within material things.

Exercise for this topic

Just as the inner core of the earth contains the same substance which the sun is made up of, you contain a divine spark which is the primordial basis of all being. Imagine that this divine spark is as powerful and bright as the sun or the core of the earth. Now allow this power to expand within you to the extent which is appropriate for you at the moment. Then apply the essence of Ra to stabilise this consciousness within you.


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