First day at school

How can I provide energetic support for my child to help them master their next development steps and challenges?

Starting school – moving to a new school – starting a new school year: Our children, whether younger or older, are constantly going through new stages in their development, facing new challenges. How they deal with this will depend on their personality and previous experiences. Some relish every new challenge, enjoy making new friends, like to meet new teachers and gain new experiences. Others are anxious and nervous.

In the best case, and this is helped if parents can provide the right support, a child will learn something useful for their whole life: How do I learn to cope with lots of different people? How can I live up to expectations without having to hide myself or getting into a lot of stress? How can I deal with all the duties that are piling up in front of me? How can I motivate myself to do things I really do not like doing?

You can provide energetic support for your child. Here is a small selection of LichtWesen essences that are suitable for new school experiences, for learning and for enhancing self-confidence. All LichtWesen essences and products resolve energetic blockages in our energy system, including those which arose because of early painful and traumatic experiences. They also harmonise our energy flux which ensures your child has more energy available:

Little Hero (KLEINER HELD und KLEINE HELDIN)  the encouraging sprays for more self-confidence

The LichtWesen Guardian Angel – for the start of school and as an everyday companion – is an energetic protection that stabilises our aura, helping us to remain stable, confident and composed as we progress along our path and deal with our tasks and duties. The Guardian Angel is something that many children turn to and hold in times of anxiety. They can also put it in their bag or pocket. It helps to remind them that their loving mother or father is thinking of them.

Indigo – for children who are ‘different’ and have already experienced this at very young ages. It does not matter whether this ‘difference’ is in the way they look or the way they behave: this essence can help to resolve the inner tension that is caused by being different. The child learns to accept this difference and find their own path – and in the best case they recognise the special gifts and talents that come along with their ‘being different’.

Elohim Yellow and Turquoise – both of these essences together can enhance the fun we have while learning. Yellow leads to an energetic improvement in our ability to comprehend things, our readiness to learn and the fun we have from learning. Turquoise strengthens our playful attitude and creativity – including our ability to find creative solutions to problems. Some readers might be familiar with the story of the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss and how he sabotaged his teacher’s lesson plan when he was 9 years old: the teacher had expected to be able to leisurely read his newspaper while the children tackled the task of calculating the grand total of all the numbers from 1 to 100. Gauss quickly realised that he could simply take pairs of numbers from either end of the sequence – 1 and 100, 2 and 99, 3 and 98, and so on – which each totalled the same: 101. All he then had to do was count how many pairs like this could be formed and so within 5 minutes he had arrived at the correct result, which did not really please his teacher. If children have the courage to be creative and if we repeatedly promote this creativity, then later in life they will also have the courage to find unusual, creative ways to reach their goals.