The Elohim

What are the Elohim and what are their tasks? Elohim are powerful angelic beings. They arose directly out of divine power and represent a most pure and powerful form of the divince principles.

What are the Elohim?

Elohim are powerful angelic beings which have been contributing to the process of Creation ever since its beginning. They can be seen as forces of creation. Hence they are also known as the Creation Angels and God’s right hand. They arose directly out of divine power and represent a most pure and powerful form of the divince principles.

The greatest power of the Elohim and all other angels is the power of love.

The Elohim achieve their impacts via the Colour Rays, which belong to the Creation Rays. Each Colour Ray represents a divine principle. The effectivity of the Elohim arises out of their unity with the creator and direct contact with the power of creation, lending them enormous power. They absorb the impulse of creation when it has yet to take form, lend it an initial form and then pass it on to the other powers of the Creation Ray. The Elohim of the Colour Rays pass on the impulse of creation to all other powers of the Creation Ray which are included in the process of creation: the Archangels and angels, the Ascended Masters, the nature angels and nature beings, the plant beings and gemstones, as well as the manifestations of the earthly world. We humans also receive this stimulus: after all, we as humans are also co-creators.

Whereas the Creation Rays contain the whole field of consciousness right down from the highest vibrational level to the material world (thus lending them their integrative and stabilising power), the Elohim Colour Rays use the high levels of vibration from close to the source in order to carry out their transformative duties.

The tasks of the Elohim

The Elohim were brought into existence in order to contribute to the process of Creation. They support, accompany and monitor the whole Creation process, ensuring it retains its order. Their scope of action is not just on Earth but in all the galaxies and universes.

Elohim are angels of truth and clarity. They wield the sword of truth and fight for honesty and love on behalf of the Creator. They maintain divine order and divine truth. Elohim have enormous transforming energies at their disposal. As ‘guardians of order and of light’ and with the strength of grace, the Elohim clear up energetic blockages, karma and confining structures right down to the roots. They liberate us from thought patterns, ways of behaviour, complaints and dependencies that burden and confine us. They transform, organise, align with the creation plan and support us to find our true being. They make it possible to find our destiny, to cultivate our abilities and to live our real essence.

Their duties include:

  • manifesting creation according to the creator’s impulses,
  • keeping order within creation according to the divine plan,
  • clearing up disharmony,
  • protecting and healing creation,
  • providing power, knowledge and energy to other beings that contribute to the creation plan.

Elohim are teachers for the other beings involved in the creation plan: this means they are teachers to angels and to humans.

What do Elohim look like?

The Elohim can adapt their appearance to be suitable for the state of development of the beings they are currently helping – in the same way they adapt their effects. This means they can take on a suitable size, shape, appearance and power, in order to match the current people and situation. Humans can accept their help more easily if they do this. According to my perception, Elohim have no fixed shape, since they are beings of pure light. And this is how I generally perceive them – as a light form. I can recognise them because of their powerful radiance and vibration. Since Elohim are a type of angel, they also appear as winged beings. Their wings are generally very large in order to give them their powerful appearance. However, they sometimes appear in other shapes, sounds, colours or tones.

The meaning of the word Elohim

The word Elohim comes from Hebrew. According to Bible research, the term Elohim originally seems to have come from the polytheistic world of Canaan: the Promised Land which the Hebrews migrated into around 1200 BC . The term was found on the Ugarit tablets from Mesopotamia.
It appears in many places in the Tanakh – the Hebrew Bible – and is always used in the context of the creator God. For this reason, the term ‘creator gods’ is sometimes found as a translation of ‘Elohim’.
Elohim is the plural form of El, Eloah, Eloha or Elohae. However, the form ‘Eloah’ is not used often in the Tanakh, since the plural form is almost always used. The words Eloah, Elohim and El are used in the Tanakh with the meaning ‘angels’ or ‘spirit beings’.
The prefix ‘El’ means ‘large, powerful’ in Arabic and in the Semitic base form it probably means ‘the powerful one’ or ‘the strong one’. It can also be translated as ‘the violent ones’ or ‘the ones who came from heaven’. Some old texts say that Elohim can send angels (Malaak) as messengers and that they were the ones who appointed the first prophets. According to AnthroWiki, seven Elohim belong to the hierarchy of the spirits of form, and they are the creators of the Earth.

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