Elohim White – No. 58

The White Elohim Ray is purifying and clarifying.


  • cleansing, clarification, liberation,
  • insight, far-sightedness,
  • reaching the next level of development.

The White Elohim Ray

clarifies and purifies our energy system, our physical structures and our life. It is also suitable for cleansing and clarifying rooms, places and whole landscapes. The Elohim of the white ray assist us to develop conscious recognition. We recognise and acknowledge what needs to be cleared up and what we need to restore order in our body and our life. We also understand what we can do to maintain a healthy order. It helps us to gain an awareness of which nourishment is beneficial or harmful for our body and how we should look after our body.
The white ray also cleanses our aura and keeps it pure. This is particularly beneficial in crowds, at events or while travelling. The ray helps sensitive people, who tend to absorb things from others, to stay in their own power and remain free of extraneous energies. And it helps us to rid ourselves of external influences. The Elohim of the white ray give us the power we need to raise ourselves to the next level of development and higher vibration.

Additional notes on the LichtWesen Elohim oils and crystals

The White Elohim Ray One user nicknamed the White Elohim Ray the “clean-up squad”. The corresponding Elohim oil, zirconia or crystal can all be used to clean up our aura or rooms and spaces. I have used it after accidents, shocks or other painful experiences to remove the shock from the body and energy system. The white ray is particularly recommended for use in waiting rooms and surgeries. Arriving in hotel rooms it can be used to purify the room and bed, keeping our aura clean. Combining the white ray with the green ray is very beneficial: sprinkle a few drops of each onto a fleece wick or clean handkerchief. The white ray clarifies and keeps our own aura clean while the green lends a feeling of security and well-being.
One natural health practitioner uses the White Elohim Ray to clean up the residual effects of medicines, anaesthetics and X-rays or other diagnostic radiation.

Exercise for this topic

Imagine the white ray of the Elohim cleansing you like a shower or a waterfall. Observe how it flows through all layers of your aura and has a beneficial effect in every part of your body. It cleanses and purifies right down to the cellular level. If we carry out this exercise every morning and evening – for example, when we are in the shower or just before we fall asleep – then we help to keep our systems free of the night’s processes or day’s events. This exercise is suitable to be performed while having a bath or shower, or even when swimming.


Classic essences: Crab apple
Messages from Nature (Botschaften der Natur) essences (Maui, Baum, ...): Kamani, Elder
PHI essences: Lemon, Aura Cleansing Cactus, Inner Cleansing Cactus, T1