Elohim Violet – No. 61

The Violet Elohim Ray transforms constricting, burdensome and disruptive structures.


  • transformation,
  • liberation from burdens and constrictions,
  • removing blockages, right down to their roots,
  • resolving karma.

The Violet Elohim Ray

liberates us right down to the roots, allowing our full potential and perfection to unfold. This also enables the cultivation of new aspects. The violet ray resolves burdensome experiences and traumas, emotional wounds and injuries, karmic links and entanglements, karma, concepts and behaviour patterns from this life and past lives. In the same way, we can use it to free ourselves from curses and maledictions – some of which can continue to exercise their power over successive lifetimes. Undesired behaviour patterns and habits can also be changed more quickly. Combining it with the Magenta or Blue Creation Ray assists the establishment of a new order.
The Violet Elohim Ray also strengthens our connection to our true being, to our soul, to our divine core.

Additional notes on the LichtWesen Elohim oils and crystals

The Violet Elohim Ray This energy can be used in all sorts of situations where the issue at hand is to clear up painful or traumatic experiences. After applying this essence, one user went through painful experiences chronologically right back to her childhood – transforming each one as she went. The Violet Elohim Ray also has beneficial effects on our body’s physical cleansing processes. As with the White Elohim Ray, it helps to transform our experiences of shock after accidents.
Users also experienced how they could more easily accept changes and then change themselves more quickly. They could review and change feelings, habits and attitudes more effectively.

Exercise for this topic

Invite the Violet Elohim Ray to surround you with its power. Imagine how this feels: like a pleasant, violet fire of liberation. Allow this fire to burn through your energy system, cleansing it. Then it moves on through your physical body and then your connection to your soul and true being. Observe what happens within you. Perhaps images or sensations appear. Or you might suddenly become aware of something significant.


Classic essences: Chestnut Bud, Honeysuckle, Walnut
Australian Bush Flower Essences:  Purifying Essence
Messages from Nature (Botschaften der Natur) essences (Maui, Baum, ...): Wiesenschaumkraut
Gemstone Essences: Amethyst