Crystal heart "Set the Sails"

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  • Regaining momentum; becoming active again; realistically assessing possibilities and offers.
  • In or after a lull, i.e. a phase of stagnation or withdrawal, to "get back out there"; when one feels paralysed; to get a clear idea of the next step or goal; when one wants to start something but does not have the necessary momentum
  • To continue on one's path connected to inner wisdom

Hand cut crystal glass, appr. 35 x 40 mm. LIMITED EDITION

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In order for life to pick up speed - even after a period of retreat - it is important to prepare well, just like on a sailing trip: Has the route been chosen? Have I assembled my crew appropriately or is someone still missing? Do I have enough provisions on board? Am I also prepared for stormy days?

The crystal "Set the sails" was created especially for the present time in order to gain momentum after a phase of standstill and retreat - in which one has perhaps already developed ideas about the next steps. This "energy of departure" helps to set sail. The crystal strengthens enthusiasm and perseverance, helps to start and to go on continuously. Because after longer phases of inactivity it can be difficult to get moving again.

In general, the crystal helps to creatively and actively create new things in and after difficult times and shocks. It also helps to realistically assess which possibilities and opportunities lead to success, which cost too much energy, end up in a dead end and whether the required skills are also available. It also supports perseverance, staying with it and not losing courage in difficult phases.

Because now it's time to cast off!



Crystals and energy spheres

  • Wear on the body,
  • in a shirt pocket or trouser pocket (a customer gave the hint to pull a string through the hole in the crystal, attach it to the belt loop, and put it in the trouser pocket),
  • or as jewellery

Orion, Pallas Athene, Helion, Kuthumi, Maria, St. Germain, Chamuel, Gabriel, Tree, Earth, Elohim turqoise, pink, gold, Creation ray gold, and the energy of the precious metal gold

Hand cut crystal glass, appr. 35 x 40 mm. LIMITED EDITION

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